Overview of Your Renaissance Experience


Prior to your first appointment, our intake and medical information forms will be emailed to you, or will be available to download from our website, which will help to streamline your check-in process. We will request your medical information, current medications and allergies, as well as your health history details. We do have an initial consultation fee, which varies based on if you are coming in for a cosmetic procedure, or a medically necessary procedure, which can be billed to your insurance. This will be reviewed at the time of booking.

Initial consultation:

If you are considering having a surgical procedure performed, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nygaard to discuss the procedure in more detail, address your specific concerns and objectives, and learn about your options. It is at the consultation that you will learn if you are a good candidate for your desired procedure. Your procedure will be customized to meet your individual objectives. From the moment you walk into Renaissance Center for Facial and Body Sculpting, you know your experience will be unique. We are dedicated to you, as our patient, and your time here with us is valuable. We offer consultations throughout the week and always do our best to accommodate your schedule. Upon your arrival you will be greeted by our front desk coordinator and then guided along the way by our nursing team. During the first part of your consultation you will meet with our nursing staff, who will review your medical history, discuss your interests and surgical goals, and will then show you a video presentation that provides a brief overview of the procedure or procedures that you are interested in. After watching the video, we will present you with Dr. Nygaard’s gallery of photos and will be available for any questions that you might have. You are then introduced to Dr. Nygaard, who performs the second part of your consultation. She devotes a significant amount of time and personal attention to help inform you about your procedures of interest. She will spend the next hour with you, thoroughly discussing your objectives and goals. She will discuss your surgical procedure options, the benefits and risks of the procedure, and the downtime or recovery period associated with that procedure. She will then examine you and give her opinions and recommendations on how best to help you achieve your desired surgical goals. Her specific technique and approach to the surgical procedure will also be reviewed with you in detail. Your preparation for, and recovery from, each surgical procedure of interest will be thoroughly reviewed as well. Our consultation is designed so that the majority of your time is spent specifically with Dr. Nygaard, which is unique to our office. She will personally design a surgical plan individualized to meet your specific goals. We feel this consultation is extremely important, as it is here that we, at Renaissance Center, create a personal bond that will help you through the surgical experience and postoperative recovery in a personalized way. At the close of your consultation you will meet with our Patient Care Coordinator who will review your surgical quote and financial options in detail. We can discuss potential surgery dates if you are ready to proceed, or you can contact us when the time is right for you. You will leave our office very well informed and confident in your decision to choose to have your surgical procedure performed by Dr. Nygaard at Renaissance Center!

Preoperative visit:

Our entire staff is well educated to help to guide you through the pre-operative visit. This visit is scheduled 2-3 weeks prior to your surgical procedure and serves as a “refresher course”. Your individualized surgical procedure will be reviewed in detail, and postoperative care requirements are discussed with you and with your caretaker, who may accompany you. Detailed informed consent documents are reviewed, answering questions about risks and potential complications, and your entire preoperative and postoperative surgical care requirements will be discussed. This detailed review of your procedure clarifies many little details to streamline your recovery process. Your preoperative photos will be obtained at this visit. You will also receive your prescriptions so that all medications can be picked up prior to your surgery. You will also be measured for any necessary postoperative garments. All of your questions and concerns will be addressed, and you will leave this visit feeling very well prepared for surgery. Subsequent to this visit, you will also be contacted a day or two prior to surgery by the CRNA who will be performing your anesthesia, to review your anesthetic plan and answer your anesthesia related questions. Our nursing staff will also contact you the night before your procedure to remind you of last-minute preparations and to answer any late arising questions. You will arrive at your actual “day of transformation” feeling very well informed and well taken care of, which is always our priority at Renaissance Center.


Renaissance Center for Facial and Body Sculpting is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Our certification is renewed every 3 years and assures that we meet stringent patient care and safety requirements.