What Is Normal After Breast Augmentation?

After Breast Augmentation

The most common questions people ask before and after breast augmentation always start with, “Is it normal for . . .” This guide will help you understand which side effects are more common than others and which ones you should be more concerned about.

Is It Normal Your Breasts Don’t Sit Naturally?

Many women experience shock soon after breast augmentation because they notice that their breasts sit unnaturally high. You may discover recovery for breast augmentation takes weeks and months, so your breasts should settle in with time.

The process of allowing the new implants to settle in is often called the “drop and fluff” part of recovery. Your breasts should drop as the muscles relax and your skin stretches. Then, the implant will settle into your breast tissue and create a more filled out appearance. As a result, your breasts appear more natural.

Keep in mind that breast augmentation does not prevent your breasts from sagging, which is natural with gravity. Eventually, you might consider a breast lift to regain a perkier appearance.

Is It Normal for Your Breasts to Itch?

Yes, many women experience itchy breasts in the days and weeks following breast augmentation. After augmentation, the skin must stretch to accommodate the new implant. As this happens, your skin may become itchy.

While itchiness is common, ensure that you do not scratch. If you do scratch, you could actually open up the incision the doctor just made, which may lead to infection. Many people find relief with an ice pack.

Is It Normal to Gain Weight?

Breast augmentation can lead to weight gain, but the gain is typically a matter of a few pounds. The weight gain is linked to fluid retention or the recovery process during which you must hold back physical activity.

If the weight gain makes you feel self-conscious, you can lose weight through exercise (when you have recovered) and a nutritious diet. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and nutritious proteins can help you build a body you feel confident in.

Is It Normal for Implants to Affect Mammograms?

In many cases, breast augmentation can impact a doctor’s ability to perform a mammogram to check for signs of breast cancer. The doctor may need to perform a specialized procedure to ensure they can safely examine you for cysts and other potential health concerns.

Is It Normal to Lose Nipple Sensation?

One of the biggest fears for women following breast augmentation is the risk of losing nipple sensation. Fortunately, numbness is typically short-term, and you should see the loss of sensation diminish with time. In rare cases, the loss of sensation is permanent. Talk to your doctor if you suspect this is the case.

Is It Normal to Have a Fever?

If you have a fever in the days following your breast augmentation procedure, you should call your doctor. The cause of your fever could be an infection, which also often comes with side effects like warmth at the incision site and redness.

Is It Normal to Feel Nervous?

Surgery, even of the cosmetic variety, is often nerve-wracking. Do not feel bad about being nervous for the procedure. When you express your concerns with your cosmetic surgeon, he or she can help you address those fears before you make a date for the procedure.

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