What Every Patient Should Know About Neck Lifts

What Every Patient Should Know About Neck Lifts

For many men and women, the neck is a common spot for the signs of aging to occur. As you age, you may begin to notice the contours of your neck and the lower portion of your face change. These changes often occur due to genetics, weight changes, stress, and environmental factors.

If you have considered getting a neck lift for yourself to combat the physical results of aging, read on. This guide will answer some of your questions.

When Is a Neck Lift a Good Option?

A neck lift is a great option for many people who are unhappy with the changes to their skin with age. The most notable signs of aging that occur on the neck are wrinkling, sagging, and the development of excess fat. With a neck lift, you can rejuvenate your skin and create a tighter appearance with your skin.

The good thing about a neck lift is that you can customize your neck lift to fit your needs. The neck lift is based on the quality of your skin, the level of sagging you experience in your skin, and the overall laxity of your neck muscles.

Will People Know You’ve Had a Neck Lift?

Doctors are typically able to hide the incisions for a neck lift around the ears, chin, and scalp. The goal of making incisions in these locations is to minimize any potential loss of hair while also keeping the scars from view. While you will present a more youthful appearance, many people will not be able to tell exactly why.

The procedure does not provide a permanent change to your skin, as you will continue to age and feel the effects of gravity. While the effects do last for years, you should not expect that it will halt the aging process for good.

What Happens After a Neck Lift?

Neck lifts are outpatient procedures performed under general anesthesia. When you wake up from surgery, you will be able to return home. You will feel some swelling for the next few weeks, and you may notice that you have some bruising. Your doctor may prescribe you some medication to control the pain.

During recovery, you will feel some tightness in the affected area, during which you may notice your scars are somewhat firm. Your doctor will require you to limit your physical activity for the next few weeks as you recover.

Why Should You Choose a Neck Lift Over a Facelift?

Some patients choose a neck lift rather than a facelift because they are not ready to commit to the full surgery. They are often still happy with their cheeks and the top portion of their face, so they are not ready to commit to a facelift.

Should You Choose a Neck Lift or a Mini Neck Lift?

A neck lift and mini neck lift have some key differences. Mini neck lifts are less invasive than full neck lifts and provide a more subtle result. You might opt for a mini neck lift if you do not want others to notice a drastic change in your neck. Because the changes are so subtle, this procedure is not necessarily the best option for everybody, however.

How Can You Begin the Neck Lift Process?

Your next step is to talk to your doctor about your goals for your procedure. Your doctor will recommend a neck lift or mini neck lift based on your needs and goals.

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