Thigh Makeover Tips for Women

If you struggle with inner thigh fat, outer thigh fat, or both, don’t despair just yet. Thigh fat is one of the most difficult types of body fat to eliminate for women. Not only can thigh fat make you feel uncertain about your appearance, it can also cause skin problems.

Improve your self-image and eliminate your inner and outer thigh fat with the makeover ideas and tips listed below.

Do More Than Just Thigh-Targeting Exercises

Many women try to fight thigh fat with targeting exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, and lunges. Although these types of toning exercises can revive the muscles in your thighs, the exercises might not melt the fat hiding beneath your skin. You must do more than just thigh-targeting exercises to achieve the look you desire.

Make sure you vary your workout sessions. A varied workout session should include cardiovascular exercises, strength-training, flexibility exercises, and/or circuit-training routines. Combining exercises helps burn fat all over your body and not just in your inner and outer thighs. 

You also want to vary your exercise routines so that you don’t hit a plateau with losing the fat on your thighs. Plateau occurs when your body stops responding to the exercises you do. For example, if you no longer notice positive changes in your thighs when you circuit-train and do lunges, replace the lunges with cardio or yoga.

In addition to establishing sound exercise routines, you also want to keep your thighs (and body) well hydrated with 1 to 2 liters of water or more throughout the day. Water encourages your body to burn calories and fat, which may help decrease your inner and outer thigh fat.

If your inner and outer thighs still don’t tone up or appear thinner after you establish the systems above, consider thigh surgery.

Remove Your Inner and Outer Thigh Fat

Thigh fat can be stubborn for a number of common and not-so-common reasons. Pregnancy, recent weight gain, and even age can play huge roles in how much fat your thighs and other body areas store over time. Because of these factors, some women need outside help to treat their thigh fat.

Medial thigh lift surgery may be an option for you. The surgery allows doctors to target and remove the fat hidden beneath your thighs and buttocks. If the skin covering your inner thighs is flabby or sagging, doctors can remove it during surgery as well.

Before you undergo thigh lift surgery, a physician may need to determine why you have stubborn thigh fat in the first place. Although medial thigh surgery can yield excellent results, it’s important to address anything that could possibly interfere with it. 

For example, if you recently gained weight because of menopause, a doctor may want to know if you take hormone replacement medications. Some medications can affect how well your body distributes, manages, and stores body fat. To combat the effects of your medications, a doctor may need to change how they perform your thigh surgery.

After a physician determines the best way to perform your surgery, they’ll move forward with your treatment. A doctor will generally provide you with an outline of what to expect before and after surgery. The outline may include a list of:

  • things you must do before and after surgery
  • foods and beverages you can and can’t consume before and after surgery
  • exercises you can do once your surgical site heals

If you don’t understand something or require additional clarification about your list, consult a doctor immediately.

If you’re ready to take on your inner and outer thigh fat successfully, call or email us at Renaissance Center for Facial & Body Sculpting for more information today.

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