Decisions to Make Before Your Brow Lift

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If you’re concerned about the tiny frown lines cropping up between your eyebrows or the drooping skin on your forehead, you may consider getting a brow lift in the future. However, you may have a few questions about the brow lift procedure that may or may not delay your decision to move forward with it.

The information below can answer some of your concerns about the brow lift procedure and whether or not it’s the right cosmetic beauty treatment for you. 

What Specific Criteria Do You Need to Meet?

Almost all cosmetic surgical treatments require you to meet certain criteria before you undergo them. The brow lift procedure, in particular, is a minimally-invasive surgery that requires a surgeon to make tiny hairline incisions in your scalp. Because bleeding may occur in the incision lines, you must stop doings things that may aggravate these incisions.

To minimize or prevent problems during a brow lift, avoid taking any types of medications that cause bleeding. This includes over-the-counter aspirin, allergy medications, and certain dietary supplements. If the labels on your medications don’t specifically mention bleeding, have a doctor examine them for you.

If you take prescriptions that may cause internal bleeding, tell a cosmetic surgeon right away. You may be able to temporarily stop taking certain medications prior to surgery. However, a cosmetic doctor may need to consult your general practitioner directly before they make any decisions about your medications.

In addition to thoroughly monitoring your medication intake, you also want to avoid using any and all tobacco products prior to the procedure. Smoking may thicken your blood and cause clotting issues inside your blood vessels. Clotted or thickened blood can be dangerous in certain situations, including medical procedures.

If there are other considerations you must meet or changes you must make, a cosmetic specialist will inform you about them prior to your treatment. Until you see a doctor for your cosmetic procedure, you’ll need to know more about what you may expect to happen after treatment.

What Post-Procedure Things Should You Consider?

After a brow lift, you may expect to experience swelling in and around your eyes. The swelling may be more intense during the procedure in some individuals. Many men and women will notice puffiness and some bruising around their upper eyelids. However, both side effects tend to resolve themselves within two weeks after surgery.

In addition to swelling, you may feel somewhat sore in the scalp and forehead region. Surgeons generally seal the incisions with dissolvable sutures. If a surgeon chooses to use traditional sutures or staples, they’ll remove the applications once your procedural site heals.

You may also expect to feel more tired than usual during the first few days post-treatment. As with any procedure, your body needs time to adjust to the changes made to it. If you have immediate concerns about fatigue or how to manage it, consult a cosmetic surgeon.

You may want to know how soon after surgery you can return to your duties. Most people return to their daily work duties within a week of surgery. Some men and women choose to go back to work much sooner. Your individual situation may depend on your surgeon’s expertise and how you feel.

Also, consider waiting at least two to four weeks before you drive your vehicle or begin an exercise program. If you take medications for pain, they may cause some drowsiness or lethargy. For safety reasons, be sure to follow all of a cosmetic doctor’s recommendations regarding driving and exercise.

Achieving the look you want isn’t something to take lightly. If you still have questions about brow lift procedures, contact our staff or physician at the Renaissance Center for Facial and Body Sculpting today.

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