Thigh Makeover Tips for Women

If you struggle with inner thigh fat, outer thigh fat, or both, don’t despair just yet. Thigh fat is one of the most difficult types of body fat to eliminate for women. Not only can thigh fat make you feel uncertain about your appearance, it can also cause skin problems.

Improve your self-image and eliminate your inner and outer thigh fat with the makeover ideas and tips listed below.

Do More Than Just Thigh-Targeting Exercises

Many women try to fight thigh fat with targeting exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, and lunges. Although these types of toning exercises can revive the muscles in your thighs, the exercises might not melt the fat hiding beneath your skin. You must do more than just thigh-targeting exercises to achieve the look you desire.

Breast Droop After Childbirth: Prevention and Solutions

If you are pregnant or plan to conceive a child soon, then you likely know that pregnancy can change a woman’s body, including her breasts. After pregnancy or breastfeeding, some women’s breasts will appear more saggy or droopy. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent post-baby breast sagging and, if this sagging does occur, you can get your pre-pregnancy breasts back by obtaining the right cosmetic surgery procedures.

Read on to learn how to prevent post-baby breast droop and your body recontouring options if you currently experience this problem.

Your Guide to Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

Woman Running

You’ve worked hard for months or even years to reach a healthy body weight; after spending so much time, financial resources, and mental dedication working towards your goal, you may still be unhappy with portions of your body. Though an individual who loses a large amount of weight (more than 100 pounds) literally adds years to their life, they may be left with loose, sagging skin.

Or, they may have fat deposits that refuse to budge, even though they’re at a healthy weight. Plastic surgery is an option to remedy both issues. Keep reading for everything you need to about body contouring after massive weight loss.

Post-Baby Tummy Tuck: Timing Is Everything


Having a child is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do as a woman. Unfortunately, the miracle of childbirth can take a toll on your body.

A lot of women experience a separation of the abdominal muscles and stretching of the abdominal skin during pregnancy. For some, the skin and muscles can bounce right back and have no effect on the outward appearance. Other women are left with stretch marks and sagging skin that can compromise their confidence.

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that many new moms who want their pre-baby bodies back consider. A tummy tuck will help sculpt your body and create a shapelier figure, but only if you time the procedure appropriately.

What Is Normal After Breast Augmentation?

After Breast Augmentation

The most common questions people ask before and after breast augmentation always start with, “Is it normal for . . .” This guide will help you understand which side effects are more common than others and which ones you should be more concerned about.

Is It Normal Your Breasts Don’t Sit Naturally?

Many women experience shock soon after breast augmentation because they notice that their breasts sit unnaturally high. You may discover recovery for breast augmentation takes weeks and months, so your breasts should settle in with time.

What Every Patient Should Know About Neck Lifts

What Every Patient Should Know About Neck Lifts

For many men and women, the neck is a common spot for the signs of aging to occur. As you age, you may begin to notice the contours of your neck and the lower portion of your face change. These changes often occur due to genetics, weight changes, stress, and environmental factors.

If you have considered getting a neck lift for yourself to combat the physical results of aging, read on. This guide will answer some of your questions.

Considerations for When to Get a Facelift

Facelift Preparation Facelifts grow more common as the technology surrounding the procedure improves. Today, many different types of facelifts exist, and you may be on the hunt for the perfect time to obtain a facelift. Not sure if you are the right candidate for a facelift? Not sure if the time is right? This guide will help you determine if you are in the right position for a facelift. Planning the Time of Year for a Facelift Your facelift will likely take months to heal. Ultimately, you can plan your facelift around the time frame in which you would like to heal. Many patients have a time that they would like to be healed by so that they’re ready for others to admire their new look.

4 Common Myths About Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure by which extra fatty tissue and skin are removed from the breasts. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, takes a few hours, and is fairly straightforward. Yet, as common as breast reduction surgery has become, there are still a few common myths floating around about it.

1. Myth: Breast Reduction Surgery Is Primarily a Cosmetic Procedure

Breast enhancement procedures, which make the breasts larger, are generally seen as cosmetic procedures. As such, many people assume breast reductions are also cosmetic. Surely, there are some women who simply desire smaller breasts and undergo breast reduction for cosmetic purposes, but this is not the most common reason women opt for breast reduction.

Are You Considering Top Surgery? Read This Guide

Breast surgeries are among the most popular types of cosmetic procedures. For many people, including members of the transgender community, these surgeries can provide more than physical changes and self-esteem changes. They can provide a mental health benefit.

If you are considering chest surgery as part of your transition, you probably have a lot of questions. This guide will help you learn more about the procedures available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Rejuvenation Options

If you have considered some cosmetic changes, you may have considered facial rejuvenation. Facial rejuvenation can be several procedures combined or just one procedure. If you’ve thought about these changes, you probably have questions. This guide will answer many of the questions you have about common facial rejuvenation procedures.

What Is a Facelift?

A facelift is one of the most well-known procedures, and it can provide a youthful and contoured appearance by draping the skin over the face. Doctors customize facelifts based on the needs of the patient, but you can expect to see dramatic results without making your skin appear too pulled back. The full procedure can take up to five hours.