Are You Considering Top Surgery? Read This Guide

Breast surgeries are among the most popular types of cosmetic procedures. For many people, including members of the transgender community, these surgeries can provide more than physical changes and self-esteem changes. They can provide a mental health benefit.

If you are considering chest surgery as part of your transition, you probably have a lot of questions. This guide will help you learn more about the procedures available.

What Is Male Chest Contouring?

One of the significant top surgeries many trans men consider is male chest contouring, which creates a masculine appearance. Whether you have small or large breasts, your surgeon can change the appearance to match your expectations by removing breast tissue, removing excess skin, and repositioning the areolas.

One method of performing the surgery is via two incisions. In conjunction, the doctor may also perform a nipple graft or even resize the nipple based on the desired post-operative appearance. The procedure differs from removal of breast tissue via mastectomy, and this technique will involve tailoring the breast tissue to create specific folds that add definition.

The best candidates for male chest contouring are healthy individuals without serious medical conditions. They will be over the age of 18 and have good skin elasticity.

What Is Male to Female Breast Enhancement?

Even with hormone therapy, many trans women don’t see the development of breast tissue that they prefer. With breast enhancement surgery, you may achieve fuller and rounder breasts.

The breast enhancement procedure involves the surgical placement of a silicone or saline implant under chest muscles, creating a feminine appearance. Sometimes, the surgeon may recommend a fat graft to provide better dimension to the breast area.

One of the most complex parts of this procedure involves choosing a size for your implant. During your consultation with the doctor, you can discuss different size and implant options based on your desired post-operative appearance.

What Does Recovery From Breast or Chest Surgery Look Like?

The pain during recovery is typically moderate, and your surgeon will help you adjust to the pain with short-term medications as you heal. You may notice some numbness besides bruising and swelling over the course of the next month.

You may have to take about a week off work to recover, and for several weeks you may not be able to engage in all the same activities. For example, you cannot lift heavy items or engage in strenuous exercise.

Many people worry about the scars left behind after surgery. Fortunately, your surgeon will place incisions strategically to ensure scars are not prominent. Still, you can expect your scars to take several months to fade away.

Recovery from male chest contouring typically involves wearing a compression garment for several weeks to reduce swelling and allow the skin to take on a smooth appearance. For breast enhancement, you will wear a sports bra for several weeks.

What Should You Do Next?

If you are considering a breast surgery, no matter whether you are a trans man or trans woman, your procedure is customized specifically for your needs. You will discuss your preferences and needs during an initial consultation with your surgeon.

Your doctor will give you instructions you can use to prepare for surgery. For example, avoid alcohol and smoking in the interim. Discuss medication options with your doctor and ensure you will not have any interference with your hormone therapy or other medications.

The Renaissance Center for Facial & Body Sculpting is a surgical center offering a variety of breast surgeries, including male chest contouring and male to female breast enhancement. Call our office today to discuss the surgical options available to you.

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