The activity, spirit, or time of the great revival of art, a renewal of life, vigor, interest, or rebirth

Our Philosophy

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Christine Nygaard and the Renaissance Center for Facial and Body Sculpting. Our website is designed to help inform you of the many wonderful surgical procedures and options available to help you enhance your natural beauty and buoy your spirit through aesthetic plastic surgery. At Renaissance, our primary priority is to create an individualized surgical plan for each patient and to provide comprehensive, attentive patient care. Our objective is to exceed your expectations in providing outstanding surgical results and fulfill your dreams by creating naturally beautiful outcomes. We do this by creating a personalized surgical plan for each patient, and Dr. Nygaard will use her impressive surgical experience and insight, as well as her artistic touch, to transform your face or body to match your vision of yourself.

Our goals are to create or restore beauty and natural form to the body and face and to bolster self-confidence and happiness in achieving the face or body that you’ve been dreaming of. We deliver superb personalized medical care, with an emphasis on patient safety, compassion for all patients, a high level of surgical expertise, and gentle, kind support through your surgical journey.

We understand that the decision to proceed with elective cosmetic surgery and the selection of your plastic surgeon is a very intuitive and private decision. At Renaissance, we will gladly assist you in exploring all your surgery options to obtain the best results possible. We are here to answer your questions and provide attentive, personalized care as you make this journey to enhance your appearance.


    “Dr Nygaard is very experienced. She has a personality that is easy to talk with and discussed my needs. She makes you feel happy and at ease. She is excellent in preparation, working with the insurance companies, performing the surgery and follow-up. She is available at any time for emergent situations, as is her staff. I have daughters that are jealous and want to proceed with this surgery as well. If ever I need any additional surgeries, I will go to her. I came to her on a recommendation of a friend of mine who praises her work as well.”


    “I tell you……there isn’t a more caring, compassionate, TALENTED surgeon than Dr. Nygaard! My procedure went amazingly well – and she took more time than allotted to make things perfect! When you are a patient of Dr. Nygaard’s, you are actually like family! The entire staff is great – and talented as well! I couldn’t be happier with the results and people cannot believe the before and after results of my ‘new’ neck! THANK YOU, Dr. Nygaard – you are an artist! :)”